Fast and Competitive
Cardio Tennis is a fun, social, group tennis programme for people of all ages & abilities. It is an hour long workout that is perect for anyone who likes to hit plenty of tennis balls    

About Cardio

           Weekday Cardio Tennis - $10 / hour
Perfect for anyone who likes to hit plenty of tennis balls, as well as beating the person down the other end. The emphasis is tennis specific drills and games designed to give everyone on the court a good workout as well as plenty of enjoyment.

Tuesday        Wednesday       Thursday

10:00am         10:00am           10:00am
          Advanced Evening Cardio Tennis - $10 / hour
Advanced evening Cardio Tennis follows the same format as the weekday Cardio Tennis, however the two evening sessions are for more experienced players who enjoy big hitting and competing. A high calibre of player is usually expected at these sessions, come prepared!

Tuesday       Thursday

6:30pm          6:30pm